Synopsis & Characters

NOTICE: The Characters of the Work follow the authentic text, as created back in 2002. To respect current political correctness requirements, please, consider here-in after, that instances of the expression “Black” (American) should be interpreted as meaning “Afro-American”.

The 9/11 Pop Symphonic Musical Drama is dedicated to the events that took place on the 11th of September 2001 in the USA and to the strife against international terrorism which has brought such suffering to the USA, Israel, Russia, many European, Arab and other countries and nations.

This Work opposes terrorism as a whole, but is not against any specific nation.

At the core of the Work is the eternal love story of Romeo (Ron) and Juliet (Julie).

Here the conflict between their two families (Montgomery and Cappelman) arises on the basis of religion.

The tragic events from September 11th and the personal loss suffered by everyone, is what takes for the characters to realize that the main threat to humanity is terrorism.

Religion must overcome differences and unite people in a common strife against Evil.


Ron Finance manager, Catholic
Julie Girl-friend of Ron, student, Jewish
Marcus Colleague of Ron, black, Muslim
Tobias Cousin of Julie
  (Ron, Marcus and Tobias work in the "Twins")
Vlad Partner’s anti-terrorist intelligence (presumably Russian-born Jewish of MOSSAD)
Ivan Foreigner (presumably Bulgarian), Christian Orthodox (Vlad and Ivan are student-mates of Julie)
Julie's student-mates group  
Mohammed Arab, Muslim, President of "General Fuels" Company
Montgomery family Ron's parents
Cappelman family Julie's parents
Relatives of Marcus Black, Muslim, Protestants and Catholics
Rockin' Children in the Magic Child-Land  
Doubling artists of President Bush and his wife  


On "DAY 11th" the looser is Mankind.

Form of the Work

Diversified Media Work after the “9/11 Pop Symphonic Musical Drama”, script and background music.