NOTICE: The Script of the Work follows the authentic text, as created back in 2002. To respect current political correctness requirements, please, consider here-in after, that instances of the expression “Black” (American) should be interpreted as meaning “Afro-American”.

Part One - "Happy Land"

Part Two - "The Dark Power"

Part Three - "United We Stand"


Act 1

New York. Early of September 2001. Morning. Ron and Marcus talk lively and are in a hurry. Tobias can be seen following them. They rush for work to “The Twins”. Atmosphere of busy daily round. 🎼 Rhythm of the City /"Song for New York"/ sounds. /📖 Song of Ron, Marcus and Tobias/.

Act 2

University. Julie is sitting between Vlad and Ivan. The classes end. They leave. A company of fellow students is gathering outside. Vlad says goodbye. Ivan asks Julie to join him for a walk in the city. They leave. He takes out a small camera and begins to film her. Julie shows him around the places of interest. Ivan has dedicated to her 🎼 Gentle Lady /📖 Song of Ivan/.

Julie becomes aware of Ivan loves her. Says she is involved with Ron, but nevertheless much flattered, though also divided into her heart; for self-excuse she proposes to introduce him to Ron. Ivan agrees. 

Act 3

Friday afternoon. Julie has decided it is best that she acquaints Ron with Ivan and Vlad together. Ron and Marcus come in a car to take them.

They get into a local club. The band on stage is performing 🎼 Country Melody. Every newcomer here in the club is to perform. After a drink or two Ivan picks Marcus and Vlad to stage. Vlad refuses; explains in a serious tone of voice, he only sings in his native language which would “blow his cover”. Julie has an arising suspicion for Vlad but jokes, calling him “Vlad of Mossad”. Ivan and Marcus join the club band, all singing in some grotesque manner, without words 🎼 Tavern Tune. /📖 Grotesque/.

Now is the turn of Julie. She gets on stage and says she will sing a popular Jewish song. Hava Nagila (“Let’s Enjoy”) sounds. /Song of Julie/.

Suddenly Julie becomes dizzy and sick, feels she'll throw up. Now she is certain she’s pregnant. She returns from the ladies room. Tells, she wants them to visit Child-Land together on Sunday morning. It is decided.

Act 4

After, all five are in Ron’s car; Marcus has volunteered to drive, says he loves the city streets at night and he doesn’t drink, like an abiding Muslim. 🎼 Night Driving Is sounding tuned by car radio. 📖 All are following the melody.

Marcus leaves the two in front of Ron’s apartment.

Act 5

In the apartment Julie and Ron make love. Julie teases him, but he has sensed that Ivan courts her.

🎼 Reverie /📖 Song of Ron/ begins. The two are dreaming about future. With the end of music their illusions come to an end too. They know their families will try to separate them because of different religious beliefs.

Act 6

Saturday midnight in Julie’s apartment. Ron has left her a message to call him. She does. Ron breaks the news to her: the company he is working for is now under control of the Arab-owned "General Fuels" Company, and its president, Mohammed, wants to see him and has asked him for a personal meeting.

Julie’s sleep is a troubled one. She sees sights from an Arab country, a city landscape (hotel-tower in the sea); then, sands, and like in a mirage, a camel caravan; people in white robes and turbans, looking at her in good heart and a little bit of curiously; "hurrying" slowly, in a somewhat ceremonial manner. This is their rhythm. Julie asks them: "Which one of you is Mohammed?" They answer in chorus: "Each, and every one of us". 🎼 Presentiment /Arab Melody/ sounds.

The pregnancy has intensified Julie’s senses. Suddenly the serene landscape becomes tense. The people with camels are gone. Dusk is falling, then, darkness all along. Julie wakes up startled and with the heavy premonition of disaster. She is unable to get asleep till dawn.

Act 7

Sunday before noon. A sunny day in the Magic Child-Land. Commotion. Everywhere children of every skin color. Running, joyfully playing. All the friends are waiting for Julie at the appointed place.

Tobias has come, invited by her, and meets Ron. He gets him acquainted with Vlad and Ivan.

Julie comes. Ron encourages everybody to relive the excitement from the days they all were kids. Julie does not wish to mount the carousel. Solemnly announces she is pregnant.

Ron is a bit at a loss for a while. Then spontaneously rushes towards Julie, regains control and carefully lay her down on the grass, the two rolling in a happy and inseparable kiss.

Ivan, then Vlad, awkwardly congratulates Julie. She's got aware of Vlad was in love with her too.

Only her cousin Tobias doesn’t congratulate her. He does not approve of her involvement with Ron.

Curious children are surrounding them from everywhere and The “Rockin' Children” begin dancing under 🎼 In the Park melody. /Song of The Rockin’ Children/.

Act 8

Sunday night. Julie’s apartment.

Ron wants to make love to her. She is evading him; says: Too many coincidences: you: Ron-"Romeo" Montgomery-"Montague"; me: Julie-"Juliet" Cappelman-"Capulet"; and the others: Marcus-"Mercutio" and Tobias-"Tybalt". Should it be the same drama, coming back to life again in 700… well, in 400 years? Should be coming for us? Or should this time the scenario differ?" - Julie speaks more to herself.

She lets Ron make love to her. She is elsewhere, in a daze. Falls asleep. Ron is tenderly leaning above her, but thoughtful.

Dawn. Ron prepares for work.


Act 9

Flashes of red light on a black grand piano.

The Jazz pianist is playing 🎼 Dark Power ("Piano variations, in 10/8").

On background of the music documentary shots extend to terrorist acts in other places: Israel, Chechnya, Madrid, London, Moscow, Bourgas (Bulgaria)…

At some moment of music culmination, the pianist starts shouting in a microphone near the grand piano. In the end, in anger, he slams the lid of the keyboard shut and leaves.

Act 10

Documentary: Short after the Apocalypse everybody comes to his senses and America is mobilized. Multitude of people, trying to make their way, looking for and asking about someone... Their movements are not ones of panic.

Firemen and policemen can be discerned.

As background is sounding, in marching tempo, 🎼 Eroica, (to be performed by Military Men Grand Choir).

Julie appears running in confusion and crying. Vlad and Ivan follow her around. They are looking for Ron, Tobias and Marcus, who were in “The Twins”…

Documentary: The Mayor of New York is already there. He busily gives directions through a megaphone.

Again documentary shots of the American heroism: of the ordinary citizen, the firefighters and the policemen…

Act 11

Julie stands speechless and with unseeing eyes before a wall filled of lists with photos and peoples’ names. Vlad and Ivan approach her much concerned about her condition. Vlad and Ivan are at Julie's sides, holding her, as they stepwise make away.

Documentary: 🎼 Won't Be Back sounds as background.

President Bush addresses the nation. A small national flag can be seen on his lapel. He expresses his condolences, thanks for the heroism shown by everyone. He calls for a joint resistance against Evil ("United We Stand"). Finishes almost tearful saying:
"God Bless America!"

Please, watch the Video-Clip.

Act 12

Cathedral. Montgomery's and Cappelman’s are sitting on a row in the middle, in between them - Julie. Vlad and Ivan are on the side of the Montgomeries. Behind the two families sit Black-American relatives of Marcus. In the large foyer of the cathedral many people from different religions have gathered. All wait for the President of the United States. He enters with Mrs. Bush, (doubling actors), and they stand before the altar.

The church organ starts 🎼 In Memoriam. /Song of 📖 Descant Singer and Choir/.

Montgomery addresses Cappelman across Julie: “Both our families now share one daughter!” Cappelman holds his hand in his palm without letting go. Their hands remain in Julie's lap.

Julie is still in a daze. The best moments shared with Ron pass before her eyes... On her sides, Montgomery and Cappelman hold her hands and watch her upset. Someone had asked her something, but no reply…

An old lady near Ivan, reproaches him for making the sign of the cross in the wrong direction, and the one beside him (Vlad) - for not crossing himself at all. Ivan whispers to her that this is the way Orthodox Christians does it, and that the other one is probably Jewish or atheist. The old lady sighs: “Well, this seems to be of no matter anymore, as we are here together…”

Documentary: Retrospection to different religious ceremonial of prayers:


Act 13

The Messa is over. Everyone goes out. The bright light outside welcomes them.

Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Cappelman walk beside Julie. They do not notice that a big white limousine follows them along, while it aligns them. They stop.

Mohammed, (President of “General Fuels” Company), comes out of the car in a smart black suit, but one can tell he is an Arab. He introduces himself to the three women, who had been looking towards him in distress up to this point. He expresses his condolences, adding: “We are losers too. We have lost your trust!”

On the other side of the small group suddenly stops a cortege and a big black limousine with US flag. This is the President of the United States, (doubling actor), who has just left the Messa. He shakes hands with all three women, and gives each a fatherly embrace.

The President holds out his hand to Mohammed also: “We all lose. Mankind is the loser! But fore the history there could never be a Guilty Nation! Neither yours, nor any other!"

Act 14

Ivan lives with Julie as a couple and he supports her after the loss of Ron and in her pregnancy.

Act 15

Several months later. Snow outside (in March).

Montgomery’s and Cappelman’s and a group of youths from the University are in front of a maternity clinic.

Relatives of Marcus are also there, as is Mohammed, holding an enormous bouquet.

Julie comes out first. She is being showered with flowers. Ivan stands next to her, showing the baby. Everybody is anxious to hear the name of the baby: “What else: Ron of course!” - Julie cries out.

Ivan kisses her. Everybody applauds, congratulates, embraces and kisses them.

Mohammed invites Julie and Ivan with the baby to join him in the white limousine. The two “grannies” Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Cappelman join them too.

Act 16

At home Julie asks Ivan where was Vlad. “He has left suddenly, but leaving a letter for you.”

She nervously tears the envelope and reads:

I was sent by our secret services to yours for an anti-terrorist partner’s mission. My task is over. As to my study in the University, it was rather for hobby, then – because of you. I’m leaving. Our intelligence was forwarding information to yours. I have had no right to tell you. Please, forgive me if you can… But I will suffer to the rest of my days. I love you!

Vladimir - Vlad.

P.S.: Please have this reproduction of "March" - a painting by the famous Russian-Jewish painter of 19 Century, Isaac Levitan. Hope to remind you of me and my born country…

Act 17

Vlad is seen landing to an airport. Lettering and labels in Hebrew around.
Agent-colleagues from Israeli Intelligence Services are waiting to meet him.

Act 18


After the “March” picture, by Isaac Levitan, on background of 🎼 March soundtrack music and /📖 Lyrics/

March 1895, canvas, oil, 60 x 75 cm
State Tretyakovsk Gallery, Moscow

Act 19


Sounding of 🎼 Aquarelle. It remains as symphonic background sound to the end of documentary. /📖 Lyrics/

Flash-back from annual commemoration on 11 of September at place of The Twins.

The President is addressing the Nation.

Names of victims are scrolling on the screen.


Act 20

The Rockin' Children and many other children with different color gather to sing in 📖 several languages the Rock-Symphonic Cantata "Let be the Sun". /🎼 Imitation soundtrack/