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9/11 Pop-Symphonic Musical Drama is duly copyrighted in the US Copyright Office, as follows:


Registration Number / Date: PAu002917506 / 2004-12-15 (All Rights Reserved)
  9/11 pop symphonic musical drama soundtrack collection: Music & Text
Copyright Claimant: Vesselin Dimov Kissyov (VDK)



Registration Number / Date: PAu002798391 / 2003-08-27 (All Rights Reserved)
  Gentle Lady
Music: Vesselin Dimov Kissyov (VDK)
Lyrucs: Gina C. Simon



The Copyrights of 9/11 Pop-Symphonic Musical Drama (PSMD) Unpublished Work are subject to assignment of ownership or license for the exclusive rights of use and implementation. The Copyrights of 9/11 PSMD are Performance Arts /PA/ type, so the Contractor Label could register Sound Recording /SR/ Copyrights.


All legal-law details shall be discussed with the Lawyer firm presenting VDK.

Staff, subject to Copyrights Assignment, consists of:
  1. Pilot-recording of 15 Soundtracks on tangible media Compact Disc 1, overall duration 50 min, as per Specification, supported by next items #2 through #4
  2. Additional Data Disc, containing:
  3. Synopsis and Script printed on 13 pages.
  4. Audio Preview of 9/11 PSMD on Compact Disc 2 – 25 min
  5. Optionally, transfer of Copyrights for the Web Site – third party participant: the Web Designer.
  6. Preliminary to obtain copy of the Works, in a group or separately, please refer to:
    US Copyright Office, Circular 6: Obtaining Access to and Copies of Copyright Office Records and Deposits
    Contact the representative Lawyer firm.

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