Author's Notes

On Why Julie Is Jewish

(Personal view of the Author - VDK)

Public Consideration

The main character in the Work (Julie) is Jewish. Through her the author expresses his opinion that opposes rumors and speculations in circulation within the public space immediately after the attacks, that Jewish people had been warned in advance against going to work on that fatal day.

Since the day of the attacks, up to now, the author is convinced that there is no “Jewish conspiracy pertaining to the September 11th attacks” and that there has never been one; that among the victims were Jewish people and that their relatives have suffered from their loss as much as other Americans. The fictional character of Julie represents one such person. She suffers the loss of her lover Ron (father of her unborn baby), Ron’s colleague and friend Marcus and her cousin Tobias.

Author’s Professional Motivations

The Author has been sympathetic towards (and has collaborated on many occasions with) creative and talented artistic people of Jewish descent throughout his own 55 years of artistic development and career:

Personal & Family Motivations