9/11 Pop-symphonic Musical Drama – Unpublished Work

This is the official website of the 9/11 Pop-symphonic Musical Drama (Unpublished Work).

Main Purpose

The main purpose of this website is to present the pop-symphonic musical drama and raise awareness among representatives of the entertainment industry, who might be interested in the further development of the work, such as:

This website was created in time to honor of forthcoming commemoration of 20 years since the terrorist attacks in New York and other parts of the USA. Currently, the author is hopeful that the work will be realized in any or all of the following versions:

Philantropic Purposes

The author of the 9/11 Pop-symphonic Musical Drama requires that any presentation of the work must be for non-profit purposes. Revenue and proceedings must go to fund non-profit organizations/foundations and thus encourage worldwide creation of anti-terrorist works of art.

About The Author

Further information about the Author of 9/11 PSMD and his professional carrer could be found at: http://www.pop-rock-ethno.com